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It is not about the textbooks and the theory. With Maths & Physics, its about doing LOADS of practice questions. Watch this video as I explain how this course has been built to take you from a struggling student to one who is crushing it in the shortest possible time. I also share my high school journey. Peace.

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Kevinmathscience Official Course

Perhaps you have seen me on YouTube and now you are ready to gain access to ALL the videos? You are in the right place! The Youtube channel only has SOME of the videos but this course contains ALL of them. Videos are organised beautifully into categories and broken down into lessons, practice questions and exam questions. 


You get ALL of the following:

  • Gr 12 Maths and Physics Videos
  • Gr 11 Maths and Physics Videos
  • Gr 10 Maths and Physics Videos
  • Gr 9 Maths Videos

The course can be cancelled at any time.

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